Boiler Pump Gearboxes

Boiler Pump Gearbox
3.75 inch Platt Wallwork Boiler Pump Gearbox

A range of boiler pump gearboxes have been supplied over 50 years for marine boilers to boilermakers. The boiler manufacturing companies have changed name several times but include the following trade names:

  • John Stone Deptford
  • Stone Boilers
  • Stone Platt (Crawley)
  • Stone International
  • Babcock Robey
  • Wellman Robey

The most common type of gearbox is the 3¾ inch worm reduction gearbox and often takes the reference type 66212 or M8327. They are to be found in certain classes of warship.

The gearboxes were originally manufactured by Stone Wallwork and then subsequently by Shackleton Gears, Babcock gears and B&F Carter. As Shackleton Engineering we own the drawings and records for these and all other Wallwork gearboxes.

We can supply genuine spare parts, typically as follows:

  • Worm and wheel
  • Kit of bearings and seals
  • Output shaft
  • New complete gearboxes

Photo shows 3¾ inch worm reduction gear 66212 before refurbishment.

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