Oilfield Pumping Unit Gearboxes

Oilfield Pumping Unit Gearboxes
Shackleton Oilfield Pumping Unit Gearboxes

Shackleton have supplied Oilfield Pumping Unit Gearboxes to the oil industry for over 40 years.

With over 3,000 gearboxes supplied we are regularly asked to supply repair kits comprising seals, bearings and gear sets to suit the customer requirement. All parts are supplied to the original quality and specification thus ensuring long life of the refurbished unit.

The original gearboxes were supplied to:

  • Alpenbury
  • A2 Pumps
  • Central Machine Tools
  • Legrand Industries
  • Magee Industires
  • Mark IV Industries
  • Morgan Engineering / Morgan Petroleum Equipment
  • Oklatex Supply
  • Pentag
  • Anthes / Renn Industries
  • Universal Industries

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