Speed Increasing

Speed Increasing Gearbox
Speed Increasing Gearbox for Longclose Textile Dryers

Longclose, formerly Platt Longclose, textile drying plant supplied over the last 40 years use Speed Increasing Gearboxes for the dryer impellor drive. The gearboxes were also incorporated into Pegg-Whitely textile machinery.

The speed increasing gearboxes were designed and manufactured by Shackleton Engineering and Babcock Gears in Bolton UK.

Comprehensive spare parts kits are supplied by us to enable customer refurbishment of a speed increasing gearbox on site. Where the gearcase is damaged beyond repair we can also supply complete replacement gearboxes. We also offer an inspection, rebuild and test service.

Spares for speed increasers can range from:

  • Bearings, seals and locknuts
  • Lubrication elements, pumps and filters
  • Gears and shafts
  • Gearbox inspection and rebuild service

To enable us to locate your exact replacement parts we need to know the information on the speed increaser gearbox rating plate or the year of manufacture, unit number and any contract reference numbers.

Adobe ReaderDownload Speed Increasing Gearbox Spares Plan (PDF 270KB)

Shackleton Engineering – genuine speed increaser gearbox spares & replacement speed increasing gearboxes.

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