Coal Conveyor Gearboxes

Coal Conveyor Double Worm Gearbox
11½ x 20 inch Coal Conveyor Double Worm Gearbox – fully refurbished

Shackleton Engineering, Platt Wallwork and Wallwork Gears supplied many worm gearboxes and double worm gearboxes into coal fired power stations.

Many of these gearboxes were supplied over 40 years ago are still in service and Shackleton supply replacement worms and wheels to maintain them in service.

Shackleton also rebuild gearboxes and supply replacement gearcases, if they are damaged beyond repair.

The gearboxes were often supplied as part of the conveyor system by Babcock & Wilcox and Babcock Power. Alternatively they were ordered directly from Wallwork Gears, Shackleton Gears or Babcock Gears.

Worm Gearbox 24 inch
Worm Gearbox 24 inch before refurbishment

Shackleton maintain the original design drawings and parts listings for this range of worm reduction gearboxes and offer genuine spare parts.

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