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Shackleton Engineering have been supplying both standard and special industrial gearboxes for over 40 years to many industrial sectors. These often went under trade names of Wallwork, Platt Wallwork and Babcock Gears as well as Shackleton Gears.

From our detailed record system we can readily refer back to the original drawings and parts listing and supply genuine spare parts such as bearings, shafts and gears.

We can also supply complete new gearboxes to directly replace the original units and so avoid the costly re-engineering work to use a different gearbox.

Listed in this section are the popular gearbox types as a sample of Shackleton’s extensive range of gearboxes in the field.

Speed Increasing Gearboxes for Longclose Textile Dryers

Speed Increasing GearboxLongclose, formerly Platt Longclose, textile drying plant supplied over the last 40 years use Speed Increasing Gearboxes for the dryer impellor drive.The gearboxes were also incorporated into Pegg-Whitely textile machinery.

The gearboxes were designed and manufactured by Shackleton Engineering and Babcock Gears in Bolton UK.

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Marine Barring Gearboxes

Marine Barring GearboxesThese gearboxes were supplied as part of marine diesel engines by Mirlees Blackstone, Stockport, Cheshire UK. The gearboxes are used to rotate the engine for maintenance purposes.

We maintain a comprehensive range of spare parts staring with individual components such as gears and bearings to complete replacement gearbox units.

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Boiler Pump Gearboxes

Boiler Pump GearboxA range of boiler pump gearboxes have been supplied over 50 years for marine boilers to boilermakers. The most common type of gearbox is the 3 ¾ inch worm reduction gearbox, often known as type 66212 or M8327. They are to be found in certain classes of warship.

As Shackleton Engineering we own the drawings and records for these and all other Wallwork gearboxes.

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Echesa Gearbox Spares

GETTacke OlaldeEchesaEGT

Echesa SA Transmisión industrial are a major Spanish gearbox manufacturer.

Shackleton Engineering have represented Echesa for many years and we can offer genuine spare parts for Echesa gearboxes, both the standard and the special designs. Alternatively we can supply as new an exact replacement gearbox.

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Coal Conveyor Gearboxes

Coal Conveyor Double Worm GearboxShackleton Engineering and Wallwork Gears supplied many worm gearboxes and double worm gearboxes into coal fired power stations.

These vary in size, depending on application, and were supplied as part of the conveyor

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Nash Blower Gearboxes

Nash Blower GearboxNash gearboxes were supplied to nuclear power stations on blower drives. They were manufactured by Babcock Gears of Bolton.

We offer a full gearbox refurbishment service with new gears and bearings to the original specification, or alternatively we can supply kits of parts form bearings and seals to gear and shaft sets, with gear test certificates.

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Oilfield Pumping Unit Gearboxes

Oilfield Pumping Unit GearboxesShackleton have supplied Oilfield Pumping Unit Gearboxes to the oil industry for over 40 years.

With over 3000 gearboxes supplied we are regularly asked to supply repair kits comprising seals, bearings and gear sets to suit the customer requirement. All parts are supplied to the original quality and specification thus ensuring long life of the refurbished unit.

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Rolling Mill Process Equipment Gearboxes

Reduction Gearbox HousingShackleton and Babcock Gears have supplied special gearboxes over 40 years to the steel and aluminium processing industries.

Gearbox types include: Recoiler, Uncoiler, Pinch Roll Stands, Shear drives, Pinion stands, Reducing Pinion Stands, Screw Jacks, Leveller Gearboxes, 3 HI and 2HI reversing Mill Pinion Stands, Mill Spindles, Chocks, Gear reducers, Spring Making Gearboxes.

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Screw Jack and Bevel Gear Unit Spares

Screw Jack GearboxShackleton Engineering have supplied a range of screw jacks from 1 to 300 tonne capacity over the last 40 years mainly in the steel industry.

Many of these screw jacks were to special designs as required by machinery suppliers. At Shackleton we maintain a record of all the Shackleton screw jack and bevel gear designs and are able to supply genuine spare parts.

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